Tin Man Auto: New & Used 1950-1974 GM cars, parts, and accessories! We ship worldwide! Call 1-250-743-7321 or email tinmanauto@shaw.ca to order.
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About Tin Man Auto GM cars, parts, & accessories

Quality Canadian Service for Classic GM Auto Parts, Worldwide

The idea of collecting classic GM parts & accessories for resale was conceived in the fall of 1979. That's when Dave and his wife, Jan, first set foot on Vancouver Island after a 3500 mile move from Kitchener, Ontario. Dave had to sell his restored '66 Beaumont and leave it behind in order to drive his overpacked '62 Dodge panel show truck across the country.

Various Classic GM cars & parts for sale that we have in our lot at Tin Man Auto

It was a long drive for Dave because all he could think about was his '66 Beaumont. "I shouldn't have sold it", "I'll never find another one", "Old cars are impossible to find". Well, within 7 days of arriving in Victoria, B.C. (before Dave even found a home to move into) Dave had already purchased a '67 Beaumont, '60 Impala and a '64 Malibu.

Cool old cars were just sitting around everywhere, and Dave just had to do something about that. At first he bought classic GM cars that needed a little TLC, fixed them, detailed them, then sold them. It was always nice to have a 'few' parts cars in the yard to pillage from, but he noticed that more and more people were coming to see him for a fender or a radio or a 327, and that's when the light went on!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Guys like classic cars, guys buy classic cars, guys need classic car parts and now, 30 years later, nothing has changed. Dave still sells fenders and radios and 327's and a whole bunch more, but with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Customer satisfaction is crucial. That's why with every part inquiry, the condition of that part is explained to the customer in exact accurate detail BEFORE it's sent so there are no surprises. It's hassle free and guaranteed. That's why we're still Canada's car enthusiast #1 choice for all their classic GM restoration needs.

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Tin Man Auto


For fast service call Dave:

Phone: 1-250-743-7321
Email: tinmanauto@shaw.ca

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